Your Fall To-Do List


Fall is just around the corner, which means the festivities can begin! Here is your new annual fall checklist to ensure productivity and fun!


  1. Reorganize Your Closet

    1. It’s that time of year when you start to see flannel on campus, so reorganizing your closet is a must! Bring out your flannels, cardigans and sweaters, and pack up that summer wear!

  2. Fall Decor

    1. Change up your room with a little Halloween decor! Hang up spooky lights or decorate your dorm door! It’s also time to bring out those cozy autumn scents, so change out the scents in your wax warmer or buy fresh candles. You can also add to the coziness with plush, warm blankets.

  3. Pick a Pumpkin!

    1. Nothing says fall more than an outing with friends to a pumpkin patch. Round up your girls and take a trip to McLaurin Farms Pumpkin Patch to take cute photos and pick the perfect pumpkin! Don’t forget to carve it in time for Halloween!

  4. Attend a Fall Festival

    1. Fall festivals are a great way to spend time with friends and to get into the fall spirit. The Fall Festival in Chapel Hill is extra special because you can carve pumpkins with goats! There are many festivals to check out within Greensboro as well.

  5. Go to the NC State Fair

    1. The NC State Fair is held October 11 and 21. It’s filled with delicious food, fun games, exciting attractions and lots of smiling faces! You’ll never want to miss this annual event!

These are just a few things you can do to get in the fall spirit and prepare for the holidays!