Why Everyone Should Take Sociology 101

When trying to decide what General Education classes to take you can sometimes get overwhelmed with choices. Sociology satisfies the requirements for a GSB- Social and Behavioral Sciences. You can choose between either sociology or psychology for this credit, but I took both and I must say that sociology took the crown.

Sociology is the study of the development, structure and function of human society. Taking this class opened my eyes up to so much, it gave me many different outlooks on various topics. You constantly learn new things about the culture here in the United States and the culture of other countries. The textbook required for the course wasn’t boring and long winded either. The information in the book is easy to understand and the visuals made the book pop. This was the first course where I read every chapter that was assigned to read, and this is what made me love the course, not to mention that it was an easy A.

My instructor for the class was Amy Ernstes, she also helped make this class very fun and interesting for me. She made sure her students were engaged in class and it wasn’t all just lecture, we sometimes watched documentaries which can make a class go by much smoother. Most of the assignments were due online and are exams were also online, and that helped a lot.

So, if you guys haven’t satisfied your GSB requirement I encourage you to take Sociology 101, and if you can sign up with Professor Ernstes, she’s a great instructor! If she’s not available as an instructor take the class anyway, you’ll learn so much and it will broaden your views on many topics.