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Ways to Save As a College Student

Being a college student is very fun and has its perks, but it also has its downfalls. You soon start to miss home, a place you wanted to be far away from. You begin to miss the home cooked meals and the extra money here and there. While in school, if you’re like me, you start to notice that your spending habits need to be monitored very closely. Unlike high school, everything has to be paid for, so it’s very easy to find yourself balling on a budget majority of the time. But the upside to being in college are the discounts, yes, discounts for just going to school! There are many apps that help us find out what those discounts are, a few of them are:

UniDays: This app has mostly discounts for clothes and shoes, but they also have discounts on apple music and contacts. They also offer cool tips for time management, and the app gives you a chance to win money!

TUN Discounts: This is a very cool app because it takes your location and shows you what places nearby offer student discounts. This app has food, clothes and shoes, and they give you a chance to win free things such as a free two-week gym membership and even a music lesson!

RoverTown: This app also takes your location to show you great nearby deals. I like this app a lot because it has a wide variety of deals. They stretch from clothes and food, to deals on auto care and even a tattoo and a piercing. They also show discounts for hotels, flights and bowling alleys, great app for a fun night out and a vacation!

As students we need to get a deal anywhere we can, and these apps make it convenient and easy for us to find them!

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