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Vegan Friendly Favs in Greensboro

It’s definitely difficult to go out and have a vegan-friendly meal. However, I have found some favs in Greensboro that make treating your body well, when you want to treat yourself, easier.

1. Boba House – If you don’t want to think about having to make changes to what you order, this is the way to go. And it’s close to three major campuses making it an ideal spot!

2. Emma Key’s – Currently, Emma Key’s offers two different vegan burgers – each of them amazing. What is great about these items is that you don’t have to make any changes to make them vegan; saving you time to decided what kind of fries you want since there are so many!

3. Chipotle – Chipotle is life, right? Get a veggie bowl and you are done. You can even add some sofritas (tofu) if you are feeling more adventurous. 

4. Pieology – Honestly, my favorite place to go. They even have vegan cheese so I can finally enjoy a cheesy slice with my non-vegan friends. Make sure you get the gluten-free or cauliflower crust since these are the only vegan crusts offered at this time.  

5. Kioscos – Just say “no cheese” with any of the vegetarian options and you are good to go! You can add guacamole and salsa to make your dish tastier!  

6. Crafted Art of the Taco – Vegan tacos…enough said.

7. Hops – With different kinds of veggies patties and lots of toppings, you can have a new kind of burger every time you go!

8. Burger Warfare – Their black bean burger without cheese is one of the best (I think). Add some sweet potato fries and you will be in heaven. They also take Flex so you can enjoy an off-campus meal with your meal plan. 

9. Smoothie King – Grab a vegan smoothie as a study break, a date, or even after a workout. They even have vegan protein powder so the gains are real.

Spartan Guide. Tri Sigma. Vegan. English Major. UNCG18.
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