UNCG'S 125th Anniversary: Ghost Stories on Campus


Halloween is a time filled with spooky stories about all kinds of monsters from vampires, to zombies, to my personal favorite, ghosts. In UNCG’s 125 years, a few ghost stories have found their way into the history of the university. While there are many tales, whether or not they are true is up to you to decide.

The Spencers: Freshman year I lived in North Spencer with many of the people who would become my closest friends. During our time there, we heard some things about the “Lady in Blue” who reportedly haunts the building. The story is that a woman hung herself in one of the towers, and now haunts the halls of the Spencers. While there is no report of anyone actually committing suicide in the Spencers, those who have seen her would argue that she is very real.

Mary Foust: Another haunted residence hall is Mary Foust, located just across College Avenue from the Spencers. While I never lived in the building, the ghost stories are well known. According to a blog from UNCG’s Special Collections & University Archives, Mary Foust is haunted by Mary Foust herself and/or three nursing students who reportedly committed suicide in the building. Strange noises and phantom crying are reported throughout the second floor as evidence of their presence in the hall. Maybe they feel our mid-semester pain.

Tate Street Auditorium: Many of us remember attending commencement in the auditorium that stands right across from Chipotle on Tate Street. But according to the same blog cited above, it is home to a ghost of its own. Before an auditorium stood in this spot, there was a home where an elderly woman was reported to have hung herself. Since then, she has haunted the area and when the auditorium was built she moved right in. Through the years some interactions have been reported with this spirit but her true identity is not known.

Whether these ghost stories are fact or fiction, they definitely add to the rich history of UNCG. We love our Spartan family, alive or otherwise.