UNCG’s 125th Anniversary: 3 Fun Facts

If you haven’t caught on yet, this year is UNCG’s 125th Anniversary. But let’s be honest, most of us know very little about the history of the university. But that’s what I’m here to fix! Here are a few tidbits to help make sure that you seem like a UNCG history buff.

1. According to the Timeline of UNCG History, the university was founded in 1891 as the North Carolina State Normal and Industrial School.

2. So if the school was founded in 1891, why are we celebrating this year and not last year? Because classes did not start until 1892!

3. In 1919 the name was changed to “North Carolina College for Women”, then in 1932 to “Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina”, and finally to the “University of North Carolina at Greensboro” in 1963.

So, next time you get into a 125th Anniversary convo, be sure to bring these fun facts up, they’re sure to dazzle all of your friends!