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Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

Just like the piccolo in the marching band or that other guy no one knows from Wham!, Thanksgiving is the middle child that is often skipped over due to its more beloved siblings Halloween and Christmas. While this holiday dedicated to giving thanks seems unappreciated, it is by far the best holiday for three simple reasons: 

Food: They don’t call it Turkey day for nothing! Green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, you name it, it’s there. Round after round of delicious food cooked (or store bought) by your loved ones. Nothing can compare to the savory turkey, macaroni and sweets galore. This is the one day you can eat to your heart’s content and where seconds and thirds are encouraged. 

Family: With Thanksgiving, there is no hustle and bustle of finding the perfect costume or gift. This is the one holiday that has not been completely commercialized. Thanksgiving is dedicated to spending time with loved ones. We “keep up” with our family and friends through social media, but Thanksgiving allows actual face to face time with all your loved ones, where you can truly get caught up and share stories.

Reflection: It is easy to get caught up in the material possessions of Christmas, but Thanksgiving gives you time to look back on what in life is most precious to you. Reflecting on what you are thankful for can be very humbling because everyone has something or someone to be thankful for.


Thanksgiving may never get all the glory it deserves but it will always be the best holiday of them all. Also, Andrew Ridgeley is the name of the other member of Wham!

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