Summer Stories: What Happens in Vegas...

If you want to go on an affordable and fun trip, Vegas is the place to go! This summer for my 21st birthday I went to Vegas, and I loved everything about it. Though the temperature was in the hundreds every day I was there, it wasn’t too hot to go out and have some fun. With the many great restaurants, all the casinos and hotels to visit, and attractions such as the famous sign, it’s hard to have a dull day!


If you were going to Vegas and wanted to have a relaxing day, I would recommend going to the strip and sightseeing. Another great option is going to the neon museum at night and snapping a few pics. On the strip you can find lots of famous hotels and casinos, a fashion mall and a variety of restaurants to choose from.


If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, I would recommend ATV riding with a group of friends. Finally, for those 21 and up, I would recommend going to the High Roller. The High Roller is a very large roller coaster located on the strip that takes about 30 minutes to circle completely around. The ride contains many booths with open bars, and some that are solely for observation. All around, Vegas has something for everyone and is a great spot to travel for your next vacation!