Staying Safe

Even though college is full of fun, not everything and everywhere is safe. Being away from home and on our own may be a weight taken off our shoulders, but it’s best that you make sure you’re safe no matter where you are. When living on campus you may feel safer because the dorms automatically lock up and you need a card to enter, also you can lock your room to make sure that no one can come in, but living off campus you may feel a little different. Some off campus apartments are gated communities, and some aren’t, but that doesn’t always keep us safe.

Many scenarios can happen when living off campus such as break ins and theft. I know that we can’t completely make our apartments break-in proof, but there are steps we can take to make it as close as possible.

Step 1: Make sure that your windows and doors are locked at ALL times, especially if you live on the first floor because it’s easier to go through windows. If your windows wont lock contact your office and they should fix it for free, if not there are plenty ways to jam a window to keep it locked until it can get properly fixed!

Step 2: Get alarms! Put alarms on your windows and if your apartment offers it set up an alarm code for the doors. Here are some links for cheap and easy-to-use window alarms:

Step 3: Get a curtain! Not all blinds are good and it may be easy to see in your room. Getting curtains will make it hard to see into your room and scope things out.

Step 4: Don’t allow just anyone to come into your home! Not everyone who you come in contact with may have your best interest at heart. Make sure the people you invite in your room aren’t looking to take your things or help anyone else take them; or worse harm you.

These are some steps in order to try to make our homes a little safer. Also it’s smart to get mace and/or pepper spray in case you have run-ins outside that don’t go smoothly. I hope you guys found this helpful!