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It’s almost that time of year again! The time of year where transitions happen everywhere from the weather to the colors of the scenery around us. Being that this is a time of transition, it is the perfect time for cleansing your life of things you no longer need. And when I say things, that also includes bad energy, bad friends, or any bad relationships that are not contributing positively to your life!

​But before you do all that, let’s focus on your space. A person’s bedroom is one of their most intimate spaces. In fact, looking at a person’s bedroom can tell a lot about who they are. This is one reason why it’s important to keep that space clean and free of bad energy. Here are a few ways to use spring cleaning to do just that!

1. Clean out and organize drawers – This one is my top priority since I’m one of those people who can’t keep everything folded and neat. Doing this will make life (and looking cute) much easier! Not only will you now be able to find everything, but you will also come across items you may have forgotten about because they’ve been stuffed behind your drawer. It’s like shopping without the spending!

2. Deep clean the bathroom – A girls bathroom can definitely get out of control very easily and very quickly. Take this time to throw out any expired products, products you haven’t used, or anything you simply no longer need. This is also a good time to get more organized so that your morning routine can go more smoothly. Invest in some nice drawer organizers, grab the cleaning supplies, and spruce it up with some new decorations for a nice refreshing change.

3. Clean baseboards – Okay this one is really random and totally not necessary. But I can say from experience it’s the small things that make a big difference. If you’re a neat freak like me and have ever noticed the amount of dust that baseboards hold, you understand why this one is important! Having nice white and clean baseboards can really brighten up your room!

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