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To See IT, Or Not to See IT

The highly anticipated movie IT finally released, and boy was it worth the wait. The remake of the Stephen King’s 1990 original was released September 8th, and it had a huge turnout, making over 100 million dollars in the first weekend. And if you’ve seen the original, you’ll be highly pleased with the remake. It’s more gory than the original which was great for me, and it keeps you jumping. It also has a very good storyline and that was a plus because it made the movie easy to follow.

The story follows a group of kids known as the losers club, they already have problems with the school bully but now they have a bigger problem, IT. IT comes every 27 years and slowly picks off the towns kids, but this group isn’t having it. Throughout the movie they work together in attempt to destroy IT once and for all, and it shows that teamwork makes the dream work, until 27 more years. There will be a part two, which shows them all grown up, but there’s no release date yet announced. And if you love scary movies as much as I do this is the best time. September 26th is the release date of Jeepers Creepers 3, October 20th is the release date of Cult of Chucky, Snowman, and Leatherface, and October 27th is the release of Jigsaw. These two months are great for horror movie fanatics like me! And hopefully you!

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