Perks of Studying Abroad

One of the major opportunities college offers is studying abroad. If you ask anyone whether you should do it, they will always tell you yes (I’ve been told to go as much as possible). There are so many benefits to studying abroad, but here are just a few.


Living in a different culture:

It’s one thing to read and learn about a different culture in a classroom, or watch a documentary about it, but it’s a totally different thing to actually experience it. Living in a new culture for an extended amount of time can expand your perspective and open your eyes to new ways of viewing the world. Also, if you travel to a country that speaks a different language, you will be able to learn it faster since you will be fully immersed in it.


Gaining independence:

College does allow an abundance of freedom, but being in a completely different country will allow for even more. You’ll learn to become self-reliant and a stronger person all around. I remember hearing from a study abroad information session about one student who felt so proud when she hailed her own cab, shopped at a local food market, conversed with people in a different language, and figured out the currency all by herself.  


Financial support is available:

At UNCG especially, there are plenty of scholarships and grants to support students who would like to study abroad. Here at UNCG, our study abroad program is an exchange, meaning that tuition is the same here on campus and if you are abroad. There are also a lot of outside funding opportunities to assist with your financial needs if you are willing to look around.


Studying abroad allows for so much personal growth and is the experience of a lifetime! Feel free to visit the UNCG study abroad website at the link below. Bon Voyage!