My Top 5 Foodie Blogs

Yes, we all love food. Some of us are slightly obsessed. Like, following-more-food-pages-than-friends obsessed (can’t say I do that *cough cough, yet*). If you went through my feed and counted how many food-related posts you saw, the number would honestly be shameful. But, sorry, I’m unashamed, and I made a list of my top five favorites to find recipes, health tips, and anything entertaining in the food world. Click. Follow. Join the obsession.

1. Fit Foodie Finds - This one’s my top favorite. Their recipes are legit (healthy, without tasting like cardboard) and the people making them aren’t health snobs (the I-eat-1,000-calories-and-exercise-9-times-a-week people). They talk about food, fitness, give tips that aren’t over-reaching (because who has time to plan out every bite of food in one day), and have a pretty good sense of humor.

2. Carrots N Cake - I lucked out with food; no allergies, intolerances, etc. But, I feel for people who do. I mean, who loves going out with friends, or being with family at holiday meals, and not being able to eat anything? Not this girl. That takes a lot of self control (that I don’t have). This blog is amazing for people with special diets, the recipes are spectacular and easy even if you aren’t gluten/dairy/fill-in-the-blank-free. Bonus: She has an adorable kiddo who makes an appearance on the blog every now and then!

3. Budget Bytes - Music to a poor college student’s ears. You can ditch the Ramen and actually afford this food, which is a beautiful, beautiful thing. There’s a lot of diversity, too; a lot of these recipes are a mix of things that you would find in your fridge. It’s crafty and convenient, two of my favorite things.

4. Tasty - They are food geniuses. Like, the Einsteins of anything edible. Just about every video/recipe is something perfect you’d pin to your favorite Pinterest food board. But the recipes are actually make-able. I usually save recipes that I like to look at (with about a 1% chance I’ll actually make it), but the majority of these recipes are put into simple steps with simple ingredients, easy peezy for us time-deprived college kids.

5. The Worktop - Breakfast food. All day. Every day. Who doesn’t LOVE that? This UK blogger adds a bit of culture and class to her recipes (and it’s fun reading through it in a horribly inaccurate British accent). The food is delicious, the photos are fun, and it’s breakfast food!