Last-Minute Motivation

It’s easy to become unmotivated and tired in our studies. I am going to share with you a few things that I, personally, do to refocus my mind and spirit on classes to get that A.


Make a List

If you’re like me, my thoughts seem to be jumbled and unorganized unless I can visually see them. Writing out your to-do’s neatly on a cute little sticky note helps immensely! This way, you have a plan and can see exactly what must be accomplished!

There are also many apps and websites that can help you stay on top of your task as well! A few amazing apps are MinimaList, Wunderlist, AnyList and Do!



According to studies done by Dr. Karen Postal, exercise help focus, memory and retaining of new concepts. You don’t have to go crazy at the gym to do this! All it takes is a bit of cardio to get your blood pumping! This stimulates brain cell growth and new connections.

There isn’t a specific exercise routine recommended, this is up to you! Whether you enjoy yoga, lifting or dancercise (yes Zumba!), just go workout!

For more info check out this article from the New York Times.


Go out with Friends

Sometimes you just need a brain break! There is no shame in taking personal or social time after a long, productive and tiring study session. Call up your friends, pick a place and go! Whether you choose a quick Target run or a downtown trip, anywhere is fun as long as you’re with your gals. Some fun spots and things to do around Greensboro with some friends are bowling at Spare Time, a quick bite downtown at Crafted or a relaxing treat from Common Grounds.




Try a New Space

Studying can get monotonous, I know. But changing up your atmosphere can help you refocus. Whether it be going to a local coffee shop, going to the library or finding a quiet nook on campus, finding a fresh spot can help you in many ways!




Look at the Big Picture

Being unmotivated is depressing. A big cause of my lack of focus is my lack of perspective. Yes, this class is hard. No, I don’t want to study. Yes, this final looks like it may kill me...but it won’t. Sometimes a shift of focus can get you out of your funk. Look at your situation in a larger sense. How does this class affect your overall schooling? Contribute to your degree? How is this grade going to make you feel after you’ve finished? Will you be disappointed? Can you honestly say you’ve done your absolute best?




UNCG has amazing resources set in place to help you succeed. I urge you to look into the counselors at the Counseling Center or the staff at the Students First Office; they’re amazing and so helpful!

It’s not too late to turn this semester around and give it your all! You can always start again, right now, today. I encourage you to do your best and to hold yourself to a standard of excellence! You can do it!