Find Your Place: Cool Study Spots On Campus

Studying is a major component of life as a college student and there are many different variables that could elevate your studying. For instance, considering different methods which cater to your learning style or your specific area of study can vastly improve your experience. But have you ever considered the effect of your setting on your studying? Do you prefer quiet, personal atmospheres like your dorm room or louder, public scenes like the food court? Here is a list of 5 really great spots around campus which are perfect for when you just want to sit down, put your earbuds in and study.

Taylor’s Garden

Taylor’s Garden is a hidden gem located behind the Elliott University Center here at UNCG. This tranquil spot is a patio-type right beside a calming fountain, perfect for those who prefer quieter study atmospheres.


  • Calming atmosphere

  • Soak up the sun, get your vitamin D!

  • Central to campus

  • Right near the food court!


  • Is outside so watch the weather!

  • Can be noisy due to nearness to Spring Garden St.

Teaching Resources Center

The Teaching Resources Center is located on the third floor of the School of Education Building. This is a mostly unknown study spot here on campus. It is quiet, comfortable and a great spot to escape for intense study time. It is a small library which includes early child to young adult literature. It has plenty of work space including a larger group work table as well as smaller personal tables and chairs.


  • Quiet & comfortable

  • Friendly staff

  • Close to the EUC

  • Allowed to eat! Bring your meal sis!


  • Closes pretty early, 8pm

  • Located on the edge of campus, requires a longer walk

Elliott University Center

The Elliott University Center is a great place to study! There are many spots within the EUC where you can find a seat and focus. Whether you choose more popular and busy spots like the Food Court or Starbucks, or are looking for quieter, secluded spots like the 3rd floor lounge or the Office of Intercultural Engagement, there is a vast array of spaces to choose from!


  • Central to campus, easily accessible

  • Close to food!

  • Good for everyone! Has quieter and busier places.


  • Super popular. The EUC is a staple study spot for many on campus, so finding a quality place to focus can be hard some days

  • Can be louder depending on different events


Harold Schiffman Music Library

Don’t be fooled! The HSML may be located in the Music Building but any student is welcome to come and study. The atmosphere is one of productivity and fun due to the smiling, helpful staff and fun, energizing colors. This a great place to escape when needing to do homework and study.


  • Chill and relaxed atmosphere

  • Helpful staff

  • Late hours! Open until 10 pm!


  • Located in the Music Building through Peabody Park. A bit of a walk for some

  • Not extremely quiet

Tate Street Coffee House

Tate Street Coffee House is known not only for its coffee but for its great live performances and proximity to campus. Tate St. Coffee is a great place to come to meet friends for group work or to be alone and focus. A very popular spot for students, Tate St. Coffee is a must!


  • Super close to campus

  • Accessible by car!

  • Great coffee and food (try the chocolate cake!)

  • Fun, lively atmosphere


  • Quite a walk

  • Can be loud (live music on Sundays!)

  • Super busy at times


The atmosphere and setting you surround yourself with during your time of study is important. It can motivate, distract, comfort, or disengage you. Get out of your dorm room and explore the campus around you!