How Can You Help As A College Student?

It seems as if there has been disaster after disaster in the past few weeks, and it has been a heartbreaking sight. From Hurricane Harvey to Irma, the Las Vegas mass shooting, and now Hurricane Nate. Like most people, you’re probably wondering how you, a college student in Greensboro North Carolina, can help. It can be difficult to donate, we are often on a budget, and we don’t have the means to travel to those places to help. But if you decide to donate, which organizations will help the most? Which ones give most of the money to the cause? Well hopefully we can clear some of that up and help in every way we can.

Here is a comprehensive list of charities taking donations - you can also do your own research to find out if local police stations or churches are taking clothes or non-perishable food items to donate to victims of these disasters.


The United Nations Children’s Fund is a great place to donate to. They have specific donation lists and access to Puerto Rico and the US. It’s always a great place to start whenever you want to donate to any cause across the world.

International Medical Corps

They provide medical care in times of crisis, especially when medical facilities are affected and need help. You are donating directly to the organization here in order to get supplies and medical care into the areas affected.


Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster not only takes monetary and supplies donations, but they also accept volunteers if you’re looking to do more or be more hands on.

Save the Children

Save the Children is another organization focused on caring for children and helping them in times of crisis. They are taking donations for those affected by the hurricanes.

Other ways to help

This is just a basic list of things you can do to get involved and help. You can hold a clothing drive, food drive, or just raise money in your community to donate.