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The First Week of Classes: As Told By *NSYNC

When I think back to my first memories, one of the most vivid is sitting out on the lawn while Mandy Moore performed just before my childhood (and current) favorite boy band came on to stage. Yes, I am speaking of *NSYNC. Since then my love for the boys has only grown, so much so that I feel as though they are uniquely able to describe what the first week of classes is like.

Monday: This year, thanks to the new program for incoming freshmen, we didn’t start classes until Tuesday (yay!). This gave us a wonderful day to bid a summer of sunshine and fun farewell, you know, tell it “Bye Bye Bye”.

Tuesday: Classes begin, and even though it was sunny for most of the day, I can’t help but feel that there was a giant rainstorm surrounding me as I mourn Summer 2017. JT is the only one who can accurately personify this feeling of pure sadness.

Wednesday: Now that the first couple of days are over, we are all asking the same question. When is winter break? Syllabus week is a very misleading term as we are definitely doing a lot more than reading the syllabus by now. There’s homework and reading and quizzes and more reading. I am definitely ready for some time-off and some MUCH cooler weather.

Thursday: First thing in class, the professor asks “So, has everyone completed the reading?” with the class as a whole, of course, responding with a confident “Yeah!”

Friday: It’s finally the end of the week. Squad is finishing up that last bit of homework, of course only the stuff that is absolutely essential. It’s time for a little fun, after such a long week we’ve earned it.

Finally, we get to enjoy our weekend and ignore the fact that Monday is just a couple short days away. Oh well, time to get crunk…

I am currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am double-majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and Women's and Gender Studies. I love my university and the diversity on campus is important to me.
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