Finstas: Let’s Leave them in 2017

I’m sure we all have some friends who post more on their finsta (fake Instagram account) than they do on their real one. From the moment I heard about them, finsta accounts irked me. So, here are a few reasons that we should just leave them in 2017:

1. For the partiers: we all know that once something is on the internet it’s there forever, and Jiminy Cricket taught us to listen to our conscience. If you feel like you can’t post it on your real account, then you just shouldn’t post it. It’s common sense people.

2. For the complainers: I appreciate that Instagram can be an outlet, but if you’re using it to be empowered, be empowered. 2018 can be your year, so just use your real account. No need to be fake.

3. Finally for you funny people: keep doing your thing. (Just make sure you use your best judgement.) Just because its fake, doesn’t mean we don’t know who you are. Don’t want it coming back to bite you when you run for president one day.

This is just my opinion, so you all keep living your lives the way you want to. But if I unfollow both of your accounts, you know why.