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Final Finals: A Real Senior Experience

Finals are stressful for everyone. Everyone struggles to get through them. However, I have to say they are even harder for seniors. We’re ready to graduate. We’re counting down the days. Finals just do not seem important anymore…but they are. You want to finish off strong and end your college career on a positive note!

But let’s be real seniors. It is HARD to motivate ourselves to put in the work studying. Here are a few things you are probably experiencing right now.

You get distracted from studying no matter where you are. You find yourself on Netflix without even realizing you stopped studying whether it be in the library, your room, or Foust Park.

You are prioritizing searching for jobs over studying. Finding a job is hard and takes A LOT of time. Senior year will be over soon and then real life begins and we need to be prepared!

You have a million graduation related things to do and suddenly you’re running out of time. Picking up your cap and gown, decorating your cap, taking senior photos, taking nostalgic walks around campus, etc.

You want to spend time with your college friends before you leave UNCG. Soon you will all go your separate ways so you need to spend as much time with them as possible before graduation!

Even with all of these things derailing your motivation, there are ways to stay focused and finish your senior year strong! Check out tomorrow’s article for some great advice from another graduating senior!

Hannah Trudeau is a co-correspondent for Her Campus at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is an International Business and Information Systems/ Supply Chain Management double major and is minoring in French. She would love to travel the world one day for work as she loves to learn about different countries and cultures. In her free time, Hannah enjoys reading and catching up with friends.
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