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Like many girls, my best outfits come out in the fall. I love the layering, the change of colors and being able to live in leggings again. However, one thing I have made a point to do this fall is to try and incorporate some new fabrics and patterns that I typically tend to avoid! Here are a few of my favorites using some examples from one of my favorite brands, Nasty Gal!


1. Velvet: This one thing I feel like I haven’t had enough of in my life until now; particularly tones such as reds, blues and greens. There are so many pieces that have this texture, the possibilities are truly endless. You could go with a velvet New Years dress, accessory pieces such as big velvet scrunchies (which are making a nice little comeback) and even heels or sandals. I particularly love this velvet duster and my favorite thing about it is how the light hits the fabric making it a bold statement piece that will brighten up any outfit.


Shop from: https://www.nastygal.com/all-touchy-feely-velvet-jacket/AGG82560.html


2. Leopard Print: Okay this one has been around for a while, but I’m honestly just starting to find my appreciation for it. When done the right way, it can bring a little spice to a simple outfit. You don’t necessarily have to go big, it can be subtly done like this cute belt bag. Some of my favorite looks so far have included a leopard print clutch, belt or statement earrings.

Shop from: https://www.nastygal.com/want-prey-we-meet-again-leopard-belt-bag/AGG85312.html


3. Tortoise: This is one that I particularly love. In combination with a velvet fabric, it creates a very vintage and yet timeless look that hard to do wrong. You could pair this pattern with a black pantsuit, a cream high-neck or a nice pair of deep blue denim jeans. I tend to see it done on accessories such as earrings, glasses and hair accessories. I love this example as it has a very chic look that could be paired with a nice black blazer for a casual yet classy look.

Shop from: https://www.nastygal.com/after-midnight-tortoise-belt/AGG82171.html

Spice up your wardrobe this fall with these fun, seasonal looks!

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