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Exams Are Only as Bad as You Allow Them to Be

Well guys, it is that time of year again: the weather is warming up, school is coming to a close, summer plans are (hopefully) being finalized and freedom is, if only for a few months, on our doorstep. Only one thing stands in between us and all the greatness summer has to offer: exams. Now, if you are like me and have a reaction of sorts when you hear or see the word “Exam” then you know the dread, horror and anxiety that is so painfully real. You know that exams stand in your way like a train at a railroad crossing; they are inevitable. But fear not! Exams will not kill you, for as the age-old saying goes: “What does not kill you, makes you stronger.” As a matter of fact, exams, I dare say, are not nearly as bad as you think *insert surprised face emoji here*.

Now you may be wondering what blasphemous idea could I be talking about. You may be thinking something along the lines of “Wtf is this guy talking about? Exams are the worst.” Here is a short list of reasons why exams aren’t all that bad.

1. In all actuality, exams are nothing new. 

At the beginning of the semester you knew you were going to have exams. So why be so surprised now that they are here?

2. Everything on your exams is, to some degree, familiar. 

You’ve only been studying and learning this material for like three months…so like….

3. For better or worse,  you will survive your exams. 

I feel like this goes without saying, but an exam will not physically kill you….so like…no worries.

4. Exams are a wonderful opportunity to flex your finessing skills.

If there were ever a time to prove to yourself, and the world at-large that you really are a finesse King/Queen, now is that time.

5. No more class.

Um…there is no class during exam week….that is always a win.

6. Once exams are done, Summer is here.

Need I say more?

Trent Ryden Junior Communication Studies Major
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