Exam Week as Told by Andy Dwyer

Everyone who loves Parks and Rec, knows that Andy Dwyer is one of the best characters. Exam week can be a stressful time, so hopefully his retelling of everyone’s experiences will make your exam week a little bit brighter.

1. When you find out the exam is optional.

2. Looking at what you have to study for and how much you have to do to prepare.

3. When your professor tells you your exam is going to be an oral exam, when you’ve only written papers all semester.

4. You’re trying to study but your brain won’t let you focus.

5. You sit down for you first exam confident in yourself.

6.  How you hope your math final goes, which might not always be the case.

7. Deciding to take a little study break, because you absolutely deserve it.

8. You’ve been writing this paper for hours and are finally finished.

9. You finally finished your last exam and are ready to sleep for the next 24 hours.

10. But then your friends come around because it’s time to PAAAARTAYYYY!

But as always remember…