Dear Pinterest

Dear Pinterest,

Never in my life did I think that I would write a letter of gratitude to an app, but you deserve it. Your mission statement may be “to help people discover the things they love and inspire them to go do those things in their daily lives”, but you have done so much more. Pinterest, you have improved my life in countless ways and sparked an inner creativity within me that I thought was lost. Every day, you provide me with new innovative ideas for every aspect of my life. When pinning my ideas, I am always able to find exactly what I am looking for, no matter how farfetched it may be. Your infinite amount of ideas inspire me to try new things and has taught me to be resourceful yet crafty at the same time.

You allow me to dream and plan my future life with unique images that I hand pick. When I plan my future life, I mostly focus on the fun things that I have to look forward to such as my wedding day. I will not have to worry about doing this in real life anytime soon, however, it helps me focus on something positive, and lets my mind escape from due dates, finals, and my GPA. From the time I was a little girl, I always envisioned what my dream wedding would look like, but now that I am older, I sometimes become lost or confused about what I like, but that is where you come to the rescue. You have helped me discover my distinct style.

For example, I have learned that my taste in rings and wedding dresses could be described as vintage because I love the delicate intricacies of lace dress sleeves, the timelessness of a pearl ring, and a wedding riddled with little details throughout. Being able to visualize my future is not only fun but also gives me the motivation to work hard so I am able to turn my dream into a reality.

Some may find it strange on how much I appreciate an app on my mobile device, and I agree with them. But you’re not just an app like Candy Crush or Snapchat, but rather a tool that has allowed me to dream big, and spark creativity. So, no matter how strange it is to write this letter, Pinterest, my hat goes off to you (and your brilliant creators). I will always be grateful for your role in making my life simpler, brighter, and more imaginative.