Celebrating Valentine’s Day Away from Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day can be a holiday filled with love, happiness, and hugs. Celebrating a day like this, whether you’re celebrating your love of a SO, friends, or yourself can be a great way to de-stress. But what do you do when your valentine lives too far away to be with them?

1. Plan ahead. Find a time that you can meet halfway, have a long phone call, or set up a FaceTime/Skype date. Regardless of who it is you’re missing, some time set aside for the two of you will make the day special for you both.

2. Presents. If you’re like me, the best part of any gift-giving holiday is finding that perfect thing for the person or people you love. Taking some time to find something for your Valentine, whether it’s a fuzzy pair of socks or a nice piece of jewelry, can help make the distance seem a little bit smaller.

3. Take some time for you. Treat yo’ self. The love you have for yourself is just as important to cultivate as the love you have for others. Take some time this V-day to treat yourself like the best Valentine in the world. Take a bubble bath, drink a glass of your favorite wine, or just give yourself an extra hour of Netflix time. Whatever makes your heart happy.

4. Remember that if you love someone, you don’t need a special day to show it. If you can’t be with your Valentine on February 14, or any day close, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a special day with them. Celebrate how great they are the next time you get to see them and let them know they’re special every day of the year.

5. Talk to them. If you’re sad about not getting to see your bestie, your SO, or whoever else it is that you love, let them know! Sometimes it seems easier to keep it in, but sharing your desire to be with them on a special day might be the best way to show them you love them. I’m sure they’re feeling the same way.

Friends and SO’s alike make days like Valentine’s Day special. But, if you don’t get to see yours, don’t worry. You can still make it the best V-day possible.