Black HERstory Month

It is now the month of February and we are celebrating the beauty in Black History. Throughout this month many African Americans will be celebrated for the accomplishments and contributions to the community, but I want to bring attention to a historical black woman; Donyale Luna.

Donyale Luna became the first black supermodel around 50 years ago. She was born on August 31st, 1945 in Detroit and named Peggy Anne Freeman. From a child she never felt she fit in because she talked and looked funny. Everyone saw her as an outcast. One day she was spotted in the street by David McCabe, a photographer, who then invited her to New York to try out modeling and no more than a year later she was working with big names such as Warhol and Fellini. By 1966 her career as a supermodel was at an all-time high and she was called “unquestionably the hottest model in Europe” by Time Magazine. In 1966 she was the first black woman on British Vogue and by 1974 she was the first black woman on the cover of American Vogue.

Donyale Luna shows us that you can do anything no matter the color of your skin. Luna was a beautiful vibrant soul who deserves to be celebrated.

To read a little bit more about this influential women check out where I got my information here.