The Best Advice No One Gave You About College

Here is the best advice no one gave you about college:

1. You’re more confused about yourself.

You really don’t figure yourself out as they say you do. You find yourself either trying to conform or just being really weird. You wear more workout out clothes and work out once during the semester.

2. You take lots of naps.

Napping is life during college, you literally find yourself napping every chance you get. Before the caf, after the caf, and your break before and after class.

3. It’s really not that HARD.

Time management, and a little bit of discipline go a long way. As long as you can manage your time and go to your professor for the areas you struggle with, it’s not that hard. But, if you’re lazy and turn in assignments at 11:59pm that works too.

4. You can get an internship Freshman Year.

It does take more effort and hardwork but Lauren Berger dishes out all of the secrets in her book “The Intern Queen”. The Intern Queen website offers a variety of internships and great advice also!

5. College is not like “GROWNISH”.

Sorry to break it to you but it’s nothing like the new hit TV-series “Grownish” NOTHING. The drinking yeah that happens, your mom showing up in your dorm room unannounced, not that likely!

Just be prepared to enjoy the semi best “I’m trying to figure out my life years”!