Anime Watch List for Valentine’s Day

For the anime nerds with no dates and nothing to do this Valentine’s Day, here are some funny anime shows you can watch to fill the void of not having any plans. Your love life can’t be as crazy or unexpected as the main characters’ in these lovely Japanese cartoons!

  • Say I love You - Loner Mei Tachibana was burned by people she once called her friends as a child and feels as though people you call friends will stab you in the back. When she accidentally kicks the most popular guy in school, Yamato Kurosawa, she ends up capturing his interest and becoming his girlfriend.

  • My Love Story! - Takeo Goda is a high-schooler and gentle giant. Due to his looks, women find him frightening and he remains single. After saving a girl on a train from a groper, this girl ends up being the first girl to see past his looks and fall for him.

  • Maid Sama - Misaki Ayuzawa is the male-hating student council president of a former all-boys school, now turned co-ed. Misaki works hard as president in order to keep the school a safe and better place for the minority of girls attending. Unknown to all, she works at a maid cafe in order to help her mother and sister at home and pay off a debt left by their father. When the most popular guy in school, Takumi Usui, finds out about her secret, instead of telling the whole school, he keeps her secret and ends up becoming Misaki’s friend - much to her chagrin and annoyance.

  • Oreshura - Eita Kido has only one goal for high school: to graduating with high marks in order to get a scholarship for medical school. Romance and love are far from being on his mind after his parents' divorce, find new lovers and abandon him in junior high. When school idol, Masuzu Natsukawa, ends up asking him out, she reveals that she wants him as her boyfriend in name only, using blackmail to get him to do what she wants.

  • Itakiss - Kotoko Aihara is a high school girl that falls for senior Naoki Irie, the most popular and smartest guy in school. But she gets rejected. When an earthquake ends up destroying her and her father’s house, they move in with her father’s childhood friend’s family - the family of Naoki. How can this work out?

If the characters in these shows end up finding romance in the weirdest ways and get put into romantic situations without realizing, then there’s hope for you too! So don’t get down if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day!