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5 Valentine’s Day Date and Gift Ideas for $100 or Less

Ballin’ on a budget this Valentine’s Day? Save money and still make your valentine feel special with these ideas!

1.Groupon – Why is everyone sleeping on groupon? You can buy special spa packages for 50% less. Diamonds for half the price. 5 star restaurant credit for a special price for two people.

2. RetailMeNot – Looking for coupons to save on flowers, jewelry, and food? RetailMeNot has plenty of coupons and shows you sales in your area.

3. Unidays – Don’t let your student discount go to waste, Unidays has plenty of offers that can help you save on a snazzy gift.

4. Pizza & Netflix – Stay in and cuddle up in your dorm room or apartment with a Valentine’s day Pizza Box. Pizza Hut usually offers a Valentine’s day special with a heart shaped pizza, or pizza special with a brownie package.

5. Mini Date & Photoshoot – Tell that special someone to dress up and do their makeup. Take them on a cute date to a local brunch spot and take pictures of him or her.


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