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5 Things I Realized During Senior Year

As we get closer and closer to graduation (May 4, 2:30 PM for us Bryan School students, but who’s paying attention anyway?), I seem to be becoming wiser and wiser by the minute. With all the “lasts”, I can’t help but look back on my time here at UNCG and take note of all that I have realized in my time here.

1. Having fun is just as important as everything else. At this point in my academic career, it’s not the bad grade on a paper or the multiple choice question I missed that I regret, it’s the missed opportunities with friends to make memories that I wish I had made more time for. Graduation marks actual adulthood and while there will be lots of opportunity for fun and adventure, there just won’t be the time like we have now.

2. Graduation was always way closer than I realized. In the grand scheme of things, 4 (ish) years is not that long. That’s only 8 semesters to cram in parties, relationships (platonic and/or romantic), classes, work, travel, food, sleep and everything else you want or need to do. Add in all the trips home for breaks and my time at UNCG seems like it just wasn’t long enough.

3. No more responsibility free Fridays. During my time at UNCG, I had a total of 1 semester with Friday classes, and I worked very hard to make that happen. At this point, I’m accustomed to a 4 day week and 3 day weekend, but that is going to come to a very sad end in just a few months. While I’m sure it’ll take some adjusting, getting onto a regular schedule might be nice for a change.

4. Separating from my college friends will be a million times harder than leaving my high school friends. While I will be returning to UNCG in the Fall for a graduate program, many friends will be moving home or away for jobs. Being away from them will not be like being away from my high school friends, when I go home to see my family they will not be there, and full-time jobs mean way less time to travel and meet up. Thank God for video calling.

5. I could not be more excited to move to the next adventure in life. Don’t get me wrong, I stress about everything and so I am more than anxious to step onto the path for my future career. And while closing the book on my time in the Bryan School, with Her Campus, and in my jobs will be bittersweet, I am inviting the change: unlike the end of high school, I am way more excited for all of the new things to come than nervous about the unknown and sad about what I am leaving.

At the end of the day, I can say that my time at UNCG has been amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Some of my best memories and friends have come out of my time here, and I will never lose that. So whether you have just over a month left or you are closing out your first year, make the most of it cause it’ll be over in no time.

I am currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am double-majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and Women's and Gender Studies. I love my university and the diversity on campus is important to me.
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