5 Things to Expect at an African Thanksgiving Party

When it comes to hosting parties, every African household has its own unique style. I’ve been to many Thanksgiving parties by Africans, and here are the five similarities that I’ve noticed.



Most, if not all, of your guests will be late.



Some stereotypes hold true, and the one about Africans never being on time is 100% truth. If a Thanksgiving party (or any party, for that matter) starts at 6:30PM, the first guest won’t roll in until 7:45PM.


Your mom and aunties will be cooking, so there won’t be any poorly cooked food.


Every African knows that the best cooks will always be their mom or their aunties.

The African food usually overpowers traditional Thanksgiving meals.

Of course everyone’s excited for roasted turkey, but nothing compares to a plate of jollof rice or cassava leaf stew. And since there will be a lot of guests that’ll bring food, your stomach will be stuffed with African goodness.


If you're not in your mid 20s, you’ll be stuck watching the kids.



It doesn't matter if you’re 18 or 22. It’s your duty to babysit all your little cousins while the “grown ups” argue about sports, politics, and the latest gossip.


There’s no such thing as being overdressed.

Everyone will be dressed in their finest gowns, suits, and headwraps, so you better be prepared to dress up.