5 Signs it's Time for a New Major

As we all know, school can be very stressful, with long nights and early mornings, and weekends filled with studying. So could you imagine wasting time all on the wrong major? Here are 5 signs you need to change your major:

  1. You don’t enjoy what you’re learning in any of your major classes.

  2. You dread going to class.

  3. You’re not doing very well in your classes.

  4. You can’t find any careers that interest you in that field.

  5. You don’t feel motivated to continue with school.

There’s no shame in changing your major if the workload gets too much, or you're just not interested in your current major anymore. If any of these things apply to you, talk to your advisor and see what major would be best for you. And if you already know what major you would like to change to, you can simply put in a major change request.