5 Reasons Why I Don't Want Scandal to End

If you’re caught up on Scandal, the exciting political drama centered around crisis management professional, Olivia Pope, then you know that this show is coming to an end.

Even though some seasons were a pain to get through and I was left distraught far too many times, I don’t want Scandal to end. Here are the five reasons why.

1. The season finale will probably make me cry.

I’m pretty sure someone’s going to die. Or maybe no one will (I highly doubt that--this is a Shonda Rhimes show after all). Either way, I’ll be ugly crying on my couch while Olivia Pope and her father argue about the republic one last time.

2. No character will ever be able to top Olivia’s power walk.

Need I say more?

3. The dialogue between the characters is phenomenal.

It’s poetic and emotional at just the right moments.

4. Abby and David.

They’re probably the purest couple on this show, and their love gives me so much hope in humanity.

5. Representation.


It’s so inspiring to watch a show full of women at the top of their game. Even though they endure hardship and are sometimes thrown off their path towards success, they always seem to come back to their passions and ambitions.

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, Gladiators.