5 Perfect Snacks for Holiday Road Trips

Road trips can be a lot of fun, or they can suck. To make sure all of your travels this holiday season are on the fun side, you have to make sure you have plenty of snacks. Here are my 5 favorite foods to pack for any holiday travel!

1. Peppermint bark. This is, by far, one of the best holiday treats for travel. Whenever the hanger starts to get real, peppermint bark is there to save the day.

2. Cherry tomatoes and celery. For those who can’t seem to find their sweet tooth, Christmas colored veggies are a perfect way to be festive and healthy.

3. Trail mix. Who doesn’t love a salty and sweet snack? Buy a premade package or create your own mix with all of your favorites, either way it is sure to be a winner. Red and green M&M’s are perfect additions to make it festive!

4. Your favorite seasonal candy. You earned it after a long semester. So whatever your favorite is, grab a few and throw them in the mix.

5. Hot chocolate. You definitely can’t be caught without a drink when you have a car full of wonderful snacks. Be sure to fill your favorite cup with hot chocolate to get the trip going. You can always stop to get another.

Above all else, be safe during your travels, Spartans. See you in January!