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5 Minute Vegan Breakfast Combo

A bagel and a smoothie are my favorite things to make in the morning if I find myself in a rush, easy and customizable to you! Here are my recommendations:

Mini or Half Bagel

You can eat your bagel plain or with anything you can spread on quickly such as a vegan cream cheese, vegan butter, or some avocado if you’ve got it. If you decide to toast the bread, make your smoothie while this is happening to get you out of the door sooner!

Tip: The Thomas brand bagels are always vegan.


Throw any fruit, juice, or seeds you like into a food processor, blend, pour, and go! My personal favorite smoothie includes some water peaches, blueberries, strawberries, flax seed and some apple sauce for added thickness (bananas work best, but I don’t like them haha).

Tip: Keeping bags of mixed frozen fruit in the freezer all the time can make this step even faster since you can just pull out one bag and plop it all in!


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