4 Reasons We're All Ready For Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that you either love or totally forget about and skip. More and more people seem jump right from Halloween to Christmas (I’m looking at you, people who put your Christmas tree up on November 1st), but I LOVE Thanksgiving. Growing up it was always my favorite holiday, most likely because it meant a vacation from school, visiting family, and of course great food. As a college student, my love for this holiday has only grown; below are 4 reasons that we're all really ready for Thanksgiving.

1. THE FOOD I mean c’mon. It’s the best part!

2. A 5 day break from any and all work. You say you’ll get ahead, but you know you won’t. Besides, you deserve a break!

3. Finally catching up on sleep! So you can stop making this face during every conversation:

4. Getting re-energized for the rest of the semester. Spending this short break relaxing and getting reorganized will truly help you feel prepared to take on dreaded finals week.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break full of delicious food and lots of sleep. Come back refreshed, ready to take on the last few weeks of the semester!