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3 Things To Do When You’re Already Done With School

It’s only been about a month since school started but I know I can already feel the procrastination setting in. Now that we’re past the introductory sections of our classes they are starting to require actual work from us. I know, it’s unfair but it’s something that has to get done so here are some things to do when you’re tempted to just give up.

1. Set break and study times.

The majority of the issue with completing work is setting up a break time that never ends. Yes breaks are good and should be taken but when taking a break set a timer for when the break ends so that you are making sure to get back and do more work.

2. Eat!

Work is so much more enjoyable when you have food to go along with it. Time will go by faster because you’ll be busy eating and thinking that you won’t even notice how hard you’re working.

3. Do the hard stuff first.

We all have that one assignment that we are dreading and procrastinating on. But if you do it first, not only do you get it out of the way but you are also less stressed going into your other assignments.


a writer and editor for the UNCG chapter of Her Campus.
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