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25 Reasons Halloween is the Best Holiday

1) You can eat a boatload of candy and nobody will judge you….except for me…maybe.

2) Uh..hello….Costumes…….need I say more?

3) The word “Halloween” is synonymous with the term “Parties Galore”.

4) You get to wear a mascot’s outfit/costume.

5) In said mascot costume, you can act a fool and nobody (hopefully) will know it’s you. Relish in this newfound freedom.

6) For all of us broke college students who are on the verge of starvation I got good news for you….FREE CANDY!!! (It should keep you alive for at least a few more days.)

7) Halloween is in Fall..Fall is great…fight me if you disagree.

8) Halloween is the last day of October, which means November is right around the corner…Hello thanksgiving….and Christmas…I ain’t forget about you…I see you!

9) If you’re a basic b***h, you could dress up as Pumpkin Spice….use your imagination…you can do it!

10) It is now socially acceptable to binge horror films.

11) It is now slightly less sketch to catch your roommate binge-watching the Saw series….I am speaking from personal experience here.

12) Um…..did somebody say “Candy Apples”?

13) You can laugh at all the ridiculous costumes you see everywhere….c’mon…live a little!

14) You have all of a sudden become an elite critic when it comes to assessing the quality of Halloween decorations.

15) Once again……PARTIES!!!

16) *To be more specific: HALLOWEEN PARTIES!!!…In the words of Travis Scott “It’s lit!”

17) Speaking of Travis Scott, Halloween is a wonderful time to bump and grind to “Upper Echelon”…Trust me on this one…Issa Vibe.

18) Since Halloween is often so full of activities and things to do….you can go on a Halloween date with B.A.E.

19) For some amazing reason…Halloween is just the absolute best day of the year to get a lot of homework done….and write all those papers you’ve been putting off….and study for that huge test you have next week……or you could just be lazy and O.D. on candy and sugar…..the choice is yours!

20) Rhetorical question here: Who doesn’t secretly want to play dress up with a cool-ass costume?….I thought so.

21) Halloween encourages us to be a kid again…like a single digit aged kid….if you think about it, this fact in and of itself is lit AF.

22) On Halloween, cosplay is not only accepted, but encouraged in society at-large.

23) You get to carve a freaking Pumpkin…are you kidding me?!?!

24) If you happen to be a Satanist, then Halloween is like your version of Easter…..right? #COEXIST

25) Halloween is like the only time ever you will ever see a pirate….who also won’t try to rob you…I hope.


Trent Ryden Junior Communication Studies Major
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