What NOT To Buy Your New S.O. For Christmas

You have only been dating a few months (maybe even weeks) and you already have to figure out the holidays together? I mean, meeting the grandparents and all of the extended family is already stressful enough. But, throw in having to find the perfect gift on top of that? Okay, maybe you should just break up. Lucky for you, I've compiled this list of things you definitely should not buy your boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas.

1. Household goods.

Steer clear of the kitchen appliances, aprons and fancy silverware. Neither partner wants to receive a new knife set with a bow on top of it. Save that for the wedding registry or the gift cards you will get from family members.

2. A gym membership.

This is the worst way to subtly tell your significant other that they've gained a few pounds in the past few months. Signing up for a gym membership is a great idea - when your partner chooses to do it themselves.

3. A toothbrush, razors, hand soap, shampoo...

Literally just cross bathroom supplies off of your list. Everyone's mom fills their stocking with all of these goodies, mainly because she knows you can't afford deodorant on your own. Let the 'rents handle this one.

4. Something you clearly bought at CVS or Walgreens on the way to their house.

The last minute candy dispenser, nail polish, phone case, portable charger gifts are not appropriate for the first Christmas together. Oh, and definitely don't get them an Applebee's gift card either. Bad idea.

5. Any sort of "prank gift".

These just make everyone feel uncomfortable. Avoid at all costs.

6. For your girlfriend: a gift that is not a ring given in a ring-sized box.

Need I say more?

7. Homemade gifts.

No one wants a picture frame that you painted and glued some hearts onto. Maybe in the fifth grade, but that time has definitely come and gone.

8. Lingerie or some sort of sex toy.

Maybe for Valentine's Day or some other kinky holiday, but Christmas? We know these are for your own enjoyment and this is supposed to be the season of giving, not receiving.

9. Clothes that are not their size.

If you don't know their size, then get something else! Don't get an XL shirt just because you think her boobs are big, or because he's really tall. Play it safe and stick to what you know.

10. Matching clothes.

I know you're probably thinking, "Who in their right mind buys themselves and their significant other matching clothes?!?!" Well, you'd be surprised. No man wants to wear matching sweaters with his new lady friend to his parent's for Christmas dinner. I promise you that.

11. A Starbuck's gift card.

We all love Starbuck's and we'd all love to get a million Starbuck's gift cards for Christmas. But, maybe not from our boyfriend or girlfriend. This is the go-to gift that you get someone that you don't know what-so-ever. Get creative, not basic!

12. Socks and/or underwear.

While they might be in desperate need of socks without holes, or underwear that isn't from middle school, I'm sure that's not the kind of gift they want from their partner. They're a big boy or girl and can buy their own undergarments!

13. An itchy sweater.

We've all gotten those terribly uncomfortable sweatshirts from our great aunts, and we know we never wore them. So let's try not to bring that trend back.