Thoughts You Have When You're a Spring Break Procrastinator


You booked spring break plans back in October, so this whole time you've been telling yourself that you have plenty of time to prepare.




Until one day your friends tell you that there's only two weeks until spring break.




You tell yourself it's crunch time and that you need to hit the gym...




...But after four days and not seeing results you decide to give up.



You decide that adjusting to a healthier diet may be easier.




But that doesn't last long seeing as things like fast food and Thursday night drink specials exist.




At this point the best option seems to be shopping for a distractingly cute bathing suit.




And then you realize that it's February and stores are still selling winter clothes.




But when it all comes down to it, you realize it's not that important.




And you'll obviously have fun regardless.




So you just decide that you'll definitely be ready when summer comes. I mean, there's so much time to prepare.