The Struggles Of Registering For Classes As Told By New Girl

As the semester starts winding down and you finally feel like you have everything taken care of, you get an email stating your registration time and date. That's when you panic. Here are 14 thoughts you have while registering for classes, as told by the cast of New Girl.

1. You get your computer out and put yourself to work constructing the greatest schedule of all time. This was so much easier than you thought!

2. An hour before you check to make sure all of your classes are still open. That's when you learn that they are all closed.

3. Okay, now panic.

4. You email your advisor begging her to meet with you ASAP. And of course, no response.

6. So you call up your best friend because you need a distraction from this mayhem.

7. Maybe some alcohol will help the brain juices flow? Okay probably not. 

8. So you take a breather and think of some other options.

9. Like, dropping out.

10. Or taking out someone who's already registered for a class you need so a spot opens up.

11. Or signing up for an online dating site to find yourself a sugar daddy to marry.

12. Yeah that seems like the best solution.

13. Maybe I should actually try to construct a new schedule?

14. Eh, I’ll just sign up for the one class that’s open and call it a day.