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A Short Guide to Social Media-Born Terms

I feel pretty proud of the fact that I had to use Urban Dictionary in order to properly define a lot of these terms. As much as I’ve seen them, I still hadn’t quite grasped what each of them actually meant. Established through various forms media, these terms have trickled their way into everyday conversations and our parents are no longer the only ones confused. After you point and laugh at the next person who says one of these terms out loud, refer to this guide to decipher whatever they’re trying to say.




  1. Used to refer to a really good song. The music reference is clear (think: Grease soundtrack, Hanson, Ryan & Sharpay), but has only recently been brought back. I love Fifth Harmony, that one song is such a bopSynonyms: Jam



  1. A dog. But not just any dog. A dog that makes you want to use an embarrassing baby voice when calling it a “doggo.”



  1. Pupper is to puppy as dog is to doggo. But use the terms wrong and expect to face humiliation.



  1. Honestly, I have no idea. All I know is that it’s frequently used in the hashtag #staywoke.



  1. A made up form of the word shock. Synonyms: shocked



  1. An act of cutting off communication with a guy or girl you’ve been previously talking to. We were DMing on Instagram and he totally ghosted me! Synonyms: reject, ditch, ignore



  1. The act of being intoxicated. Synonyms: hammered, blacked out

  2. The act of being excited. Synonyms: hype, excited

  3. Describes something that is awesome. The party was so lit. Synonyms: fun, awesome, crazy, combination of all 3


verb + pronoun + verb + noun

  1. Coined by Lil Pump, the term stands for a condensed version of “let’s get it.” Get what exactly? Who knows. But often used to show excitement prior to doing something. 

Kim is a super senior who (finally) decided to pursue a degree in public relations after accepting her passion and talent for writing. She hopes to continue pursuing a career in the industry, incorporating social media and event planning. When she isn't busy as co-correspondent of the UNC Charlotte chapter, you can find her on a yoga mat, obsessing over her horoscope or binge-watching Gossip Girl for the fifth time.
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