Shoot Your Shot: What Are You Waiting For?

Have you ever wanted to talk to that cute guy in class or your celebrity crush on social media? Well, instead of avoiding the situation, it’s time to take a chance and make things happen for yourself.  Here are a few tips on “shooting your shot.” P.S. If I had a chance to shoot my shot at anyone it would probably be Dansby Swanson #7 I hope you read this!

1. Don't wait: It might be the only chance you get.

While you are waiting to plot your move, someone else is getting ready to make theirs. If you have a chance to talk to your crush you need to do it now. The problem with guys being cute is that you probably aren’t the only one who thinks so. If you see them in class or their name pops up on your Twitter timeline, take your shot! You might never get it again.

2. Have confidence: Never assume you don't have a chance.

It doesn't matter where you shoot it from as long as you believe it will go in. Don’t  ever go into it thinking you will never get noticed because that is when you don’t. If you see that classmate surrounded by a bunch of women don’t assume that they have more of a chance than you. Breathe, line up your shot and release it.

3. Don't limit yourself: Shoot for the stars.

If your celebrity crush is Nick Jonas and you want to slide into his DMs, you better talk to him. Don’t think that you can't be with someone just because he might seem unattainable. Your belief in yourself, or your abilities, is the only thing that makes things seem unattainable.

4. Don't be afraid: Your shot might be blocked.

Your confidence might take a beating but remember you can always take another shot. There are many reasons why blocks may happen. A block could be because of timing, ego or people just not wanting to take the time to talk. The confidence boost is the action of talking to someone, not the response. Rejection is inevitable, but remember to never let it stop you, just let it strengthen you.

5. Take advantage: You might get the response you were hoping for.

If they tell you they admire your confidence or that they respect the fact that you took a shot at them, be happy. It may take some time, but sooner or later you will get their attention.