A Reader’s Guide to Living In South Village at UNCC

A comprehensive list of the joys and grievances of living and eating in the southernmost part of UNCC’s campus. 

  1. 1. Food

    Your primary source of food will be provided at SoVi, and the main thing you will eat is the Chicken Patty Melt. A grilled cheese with chicken. It might be the only thing you eat all day. You might eat it for both lunch and dinner multiple days a week. I’m not saying I did this, but I’m also not not saying I did this.

  2. 2. Travel

    It's going to take you a minimum of 10 minutes to get anywhere and the weather very rarely makes this a joyous stroll. The walk from your dorm to the library in the summer feels like you’re mildly exercising in a sauna and in the winter it feels like time itself moves backwards as windchill enters your soul. Am I being dramatic? Yes. Was I just as dramatic as the winter wind entered my soul and I sent a snapchat of me rolling my eyes with the temperature filter? Yes.

  3. 3. Community

    South Village is mainly freshmen, so that means if you’re a freshman it’s a great place to meet people in the same station of life as you. This also means that freshman boys might shine laser beams through the window into the study lounge from the dorm building across from you. Pros and cons baby.

  4. 4. Transportation

    The light rail is a LOVELY addition to campus and gives you so much access to the city and everything that goes along with that. While this is true, it’s all the way in North Village. It’s either going to take you 20 minutes to walk there, or you’ll take the bus, think it’s the wrong bus, get off and catch another bus at the library stop, realize the new bus you’re on is actually the wrong bus and you just got off the right bus, and this all will result in you spending 45 minutes just trying to get to the light rail. Again, not saying I did this, but also not not saying I did this.

  5. 5. Snacking

    It's going to be 11:30 at night, and you and your roommate are all of the sudden going to need mozzarella sticks. Luckily for you The Den is open until 12:00pm. Unluckily for you, your declining balance is going to be mainly spent on mozzarella sticks.

  6. 6. Culture

    There might just be an excess of freshmen antics, like people opening their windows to blast the ESPN theme song for you as you walk to class or people nearly running you over with their skateboards. I can still hear the sound of a distant skateboard and feel the fear of not knowing where it’s coming from and when/if it’ll take me out.

  7. 7. Inconvenient Hours

    It's going to be 3:00 in the afternoon and you’re going to make the trek to SoVi for another one of those glorious chicken patty melts, only to realize that SoVi is CLOSED! Then you’re going to do this again 10 more times because you keep forgetting that SoVi is CLOSED from 2:00-5:00!!!!!

  8. 8. Friendship

    Lastly, South Village might just be the place where your random roommate turns into one of your best friends, you make a year's worth of memories, you grow as a person in ways you never imagined, and you take some of the best power naps of your life. I’m not saying this happened to me, but I’m also not not saying this happened to me.