Listening to Spotify's "Discover Weekly" Can Change Your Life

For those of you that listen to the “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify like I do, you know how exciting it is to come across a song that you really vibe with. It feels like you’ve just made a startling new discovery, even if the tune is years old. You like the song so much you immediately grab your phone and add it to your personal playlist, eagerly waiting to show the world what you’ve found. Finding a song that connects with your soul is like remembering that movie title you couldn’t remember yesterday when you needed to, but you’re equally as satisfied because it’s no longer unknown.

I practice an insane amount of patience while listening to these playlists. I give each song that comes on at least 30 seconds to impress me, and if I’m borderline I’ll give it until the chorus. A lot of these songs turn out to be duds, and I’m left swearing I could do a much better job (probably not). In fact, I can go weeks and weeks of new “Discover Weekly” playlists until I find an amazing new song.

This routine seems somewhat torturous, so why do I do it? I continue my weekly search because of the gold I can unexpectedly come across when I’m least expecting it. I do it because of the immediate feeling of fulfillment that washes over me when I’m mundanely driving myself to class. I do it because it gives me something to look forward to on long car rides, and something to show off when I get to be the DJ at the next party.

I am thankful for my curiosity and persistent attitude when it comes to music. I am always wanting to find more hidden gems and open up goldmines. What makes finding a new song extra satisfying is when you lose yourself in a rabbit hole of similar songs or songs by the same artist and in turn end up discovering an entire genre or band that speaks to you.

As a high school student, when Spotify and SoundCloud were becoming popular among my peers, I remember getting lost in the most amazing musical downward spiral I have ever come across. It simply started on the surface by stumbling upon the great works of Mumford and Sons. I was blown away by their musical talent and unique sound. The band eventually became fairly mainstream, but I was still interested in the underrated, underground community of indie/folk music. I soon discovered the love of my life, and I am forever grateful for what I found.

The Lumineers brought something into my life that is hard to put into words. While one can look from the outside and tell me it’s ‘just music’, it will always be more than that. While I am blessed with little to no musical talent at all, I was born with a love for it and The Lumineers only strengthened this love. This musical group has gotten me through my darkest moments, and given me the pushes I’ve need to start my day. They’ve been with me through my proudest moments, and lightened my spirits on a cloudy day. They help me sleep, relax, and unwind, but they also get me to sing my heart out in the car with my best friend and scream at the top of my lungs. They have even been tattooed into my skin and will be a part of me forever.

I will forever be thankful for my ability to easily access music. It’s something that not a lot of people stop and appreciate on a deeper level and I believe that it should be. Finding new music and running with it can dramatically change someone’s attitude towards their day, or even their entire outlook on life. It might even make them mark their body forever as a sign of gratitude for what they’ve found.