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Life of a Transfer Student

This is my first article, and I’ve been sitting around for hours struggling with what it should be about.  I’ve decided to write about what brought me to this writing outlet in the first place- the struggles of being a transfer student.

I understand this is definitely a first world problem, but it is a struggle many people definitely face. This road that I thought would be an easy transition has been everything but. The first day in my new my apartment all I did was sit in my bed and cry. A great housewarming moment, I know. I wasn’t really sure why, but I felt super lost. I felt like I was in a cliché high school movie. I tried to talk to people in my classes, but it would end there. It felt as though everyone had a friend group and that I would never make it in. I’m a super talkative person, but for some reason I was finding myself roaming around campus with only Siri’s voice giving me company on Google Maps. 

All I wanted to do was go home and find the familiar and comfortable spaces again. I felt like I came for a change, but along with it I had left behind everything that I knew. It can be very difficult to continuously put yourself out there in hopes of a click happening. I relied on my dad a lot, constantly calling him, venting to him about how hard my experience was, and it was only just beginning. He is an absolute gem and sat with me online and pushed me to look for clubs and even if it wasn’t of my interest at the moment to just go and try it out. The point was to just meet some people, if anything. I know everyone always emphasizes trying out clubs and I never really got it, but it truly is a great way to meet people. Who would’ve thought? 

I went to so many meetings about marketing, volunteering, and speech! Through one of these clubs I met a girl who told me about becoming a writer for Her Campus, and I thought that was the coolest thing! I always loved to write when I was younger and I am an avid journaler, so I thought I would give this a chance. My writing may seem “all over the place” and sporadic now, but I hope to improve and bring interesting stories and experiences to you. 

What I want you to take away from this, whether you are a fellow transfer student, a freshman, or just a student that is struggling, is that it honestly does get better with time and effort. I know that college can be a very overwhelming and scary experience, which is something that I’m still dealing with. When I first arrived, I was so confused as to why I wasn’t having the time of my life like the rest of my friends, but then I realized that everyone’s experience is different, and everyone takes to college and transitions differently. It is important to keep your head high and eyes open in times like this, and I promise that things will soon start going your way. 


Shruthi Jay is a student who has always had a dream of wanting to write. She hopes to not only test the waters through this blog, but to also entertain her readers with various stories about her life and the world. Grab a coffee and join Shruthi in reading through HerCampus.
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