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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCC chapter.

Her Campus UNCC recently connected with a journal based through the UNC system. They shared with us in the following interview their mission and how you can get involved and have your own work published.


1.   What is Dignity Journal? 

Dignity is an undergraduate human rights journal that hopes to showcase a broad spectrum 

of human rights scholarship by students in the UNC system. It has two platforms: the 

academic journal which is published annually and the website where shorter human rights 

content such as essays and photography are published on a rolling basis. Through these 

platforms, we hope to inspire undergraduate students to view themselves as valuable 

contributors to human rights discourse by cultivating a community of student scholars in the 

UNC system. 


2.   What prompted the creation of Dignity Journal?  

UNC Asheville is unique because it has numerous ways for students to engage with human 

rights scholarship. UNC Asheville has a Human Rights Studies minor, an annual human 

rights film festival, and is home to the Political Terror Scale and Societal Violence Scale, 

which students are invited to engage with as research assistants. However, not every school 

has such opportunities for students interested in human rights. Dignity was created to 

provide an opportunity for all students in the UNC system to contribute to human rights 



3.   What is the most fulfilling part of being a part of Dignity Journal?  

The most fulfilling part of Dignity is that it’s a student-run publication. Collaborating with 

and learning from my peers as we make this platform for undergraduate human rights 

scholarship has been very rewarding. 


4.   What do you think is the most compelling work you have published in the journal?  

Dignity is brand new – the website just launched, and the academic journal will be 

published in spring, 2021. We’re looking forward to reading submissions in the coming 

months! The website will publish shorter human rights content on a rolling basis, and the 

academic journal will stop accepting applications on January 11th. 


 5.   Can you submit work to your journal if you do not go to UNC Asheville?  

Yes! Any undergraduate student at a UNC system school can submit their work to Dignity 

where it will undergo a double-blind review process. More information on the submission 

guidelines and review process can be found on Dignity’s website.   


6.   How do you get involved with Dignity Journal?  

If you’re interested in being a peer reviewer or learning more about Dignity, please email us    

at dignity@unca.edu. If you’re interested in submitting your work to our website or 

academic journal, please visit our website for more information! 


 7.   What is the best part of being involved in this organization?  

Getting involved with Dignity, whether by submitting original work or volunteering as a 

peer reviewer, is a great way to gain experience with human rights scholarship. We 

encourage anyone with an interest in human rights to consider being a part of this great 




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