Find Your Peace Of Mind

There’s something about driving through your hometown with the windows down listening to your favorite music. The windy back roads surrounded by corn fields, and the sun slowly disappearing into them is an unforgettable picture that flushes my body with a sense of relaxation.


A quick stop on an over look at the Blue Ridge Parkway; the landscape goes on for miles. A view so vast that makes me feel so small, but in the most comforting way.

The bright lights still on in the buildings opposite of mine. Horns blaring below. People pursuing their dreams all around me. The city that never sleeps they call it.


The perfection of a wave crashes in destruction at the shore in the most simple way. The birds fly above me, children play beside me. This place is hectic, but the beauty masks the chaos.


My hometown gives me the comfort I need when I’m feeling lost in this big world. A Sunday cruise on familiar roads reminds me my heart lives at home. The mountains in the distance reassure me that there are great things to come. These goals may be out of reach right now but I must remember that although my plans start here, they don’t stop here. New York to me is a place where dreams can take off. A city of possibilities. Whenever I’m feeling discouraged I remind myself of the offices at the tops of the buildings with lights still on late into the night. I will reach my goals with hard work but I must put in the hours. The sounds on a beach can be overwhelming but the view is often second to none. It provides a special kind of relaxation. When life gets too hard and the stress is enough to make me crack, I take a step back and go to one of these places in my mind. I’m instantly reminded of the big picture, this moment that I’m struggling in now will be gone before I know it. As long as I push through, everything will be okay. My advice to those of you reading this is to find your happy places, find your peace of mind. Life gets messy and it’s important to remind yourself of the big picture, so take yourself back to those places that make you remember.