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Fall 2020 Fashion Trend Predictions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCC chapter.

The start of a new season is always exciting. I love being able to show some love to my favorite sweater that has been neglected in the back of my closet all summer. Fall fashion has evolved. Some of my previous outfits could be compared to a ‘Christian girl autumn’ meme. I have spent enough time during lockdown on Pinterest and online shopping to understand what’s in this season. Here are my Fall 2020 trend predictions:



The hottest thing you can wear this fall is a mask. It is even hotter if you social distance and don’t attend any parties. I am guilty of wearing ugly disposable masks, but they still work! I found the cutest masks on Redbubble. Search ‘groovy’ or ‘y2k’ and you will find a ton of cute masks.



Trust me on this one. Most of us see ‘preppy’ as Lilly Pulitzer and monograms. Prep doesn’t have to be that. A staple outfit this Fall is a tennis skirt and a sweater with a collared shirt underneath. This New England look is very chic. Sweater vests are in as well. I found one at Goodwill for $5! Adding a headband would be Blair Waldorf approved.



Not just any pants, fun pants. For the past decade, we have grown to love bland skinny jeans. Last year, I got newspaper print pants from Urban Outfitters. They make a statement, but for $80 they’re not worth it. I’ll spend a lot of money on jeans… if I know I will wear them a lot. Flamboyantly patterned jeans can only be worn a few times. The best way to get unique jeans is to DIY a thrifted pair or old pair you don’t wear anymore. If you’re artistic, you are lucky because you can paint what you want. Even if you aren’t artsy, take a trip to JoAnn’s Fabric or Hobby Lobby. I found cute ostrich feather trim to give some life to my old jeans.


Puffy Sleeves

I have seen puffy sleeves twice before; my elementary field trip to colonial Old Salem and when my high school boyfriend would have to wear his football jersey on gamedays. I was shocked, nonetheless, to see this as a trend. Believe it or not, puffy sleeves are now a signifier of a cute and dainty look. I already have a top and a dress with them, even though I feel straight out of an 80’s movie.



I have had three hairstyles my whole life: straight, curly, or ponytail. My younger sister said I was boring for that. While you’re stuck at home, learn how to french braid. My favorite thing recently is colored butterfly clips. I got a pack from Harris Teeter and they can match any outfit. Lastly, I have a sneaking suspicion that we will see some pigtails this Fall.


Style is the least important thing right now. Most of us are socializing in a Tshirt through zoom. Go thrift, order an outfit online, or upcycle some old clothes!! it is way more fun than going to a party during a pandemic.


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Emily Griffin (she/her) is a Senior at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is a Special Education Major and a Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies Minor. Her writing mainly focuses on hot topic issues, female empowerment in all forms, and social media + all that comes with it. Her hobbies include grabbing a coffee and being a Virgo.