Enjoy Thanksgiving as a Vegetarian

I find that being a vegetarian on a daily basis is not that difficult. But when it comes to holidays where you have a family feast and the main dish is a turkey, it can be hard. I have settled and been totally fine with just eating all the side dishes like sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, salad, vegetarian stuffing, etc. However, thanks to Pinterest, I realized I can have a main dish to give me all the vegetables and nutrients I crave.  Here’s a list of some delicious vegetarian main dish options you can try yourself this Thanksgiving!



I have to start with my favorite main dish for family holiday dinners that I may be making this Thanksgiving… this vegetable brown rice casserole. I know there is a ton of casseroles usually for holiday dinners but I promise you this one is a worthy main dish casserole.



If you want a healthier option among all the delicious side dishes the butternut squash and cranberry quinoa salad is perfect to pair with all the side dishes. It also gives the most delicious flavors.


This chickpea pot pie is absolutely delicious on its take of the classic chicken pot pie (but better). This is a great option for a main dish to share with your fellow vegetarian family or friends!



If you love your vegetables try this lentil and roasted vegetable bake. This recipe is even vegan and still very delicious and creamy!



This roasted brussel sprouts and crispy baked tofu has the most mouth-watering glaze… honey-sesame. Like they did in the picture, toss it over some brown rice and call it your main dish!



Lastly, if you want a cozy main dish (or maybe make this as a side dish!) here is a vegan butternut squash mac and cheese recipe that will blow your mind. The butternut squash flavor pops through and truly makes you feel cozy in the fall Thanksgiving season.


All these dishes are perfect for being main dishes for Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners. They provide amazing flavors and vegetables that the rest of your meat eating family may even want to try.  Just because you're a vegetarian (or vegan) doesn’t mean you have to give up feasting on holidays find your own delicious hearty alternatives.