Easy Ways to Be More Environmentally Conscience as a College Student

With all of the stresses of college and life in general, it can be hard to devote time and energy to making eco-friendly decisions. Luckily, most college campuses go out of their way to make some of these decisions for us when it comes to energy usage, and waste reducing strategies. Outside of that, however, it’s important to make a few other easy choices for ourselves to help the Earth in her time of need. Here are a few easy ways to be a more environmentally conscious college student, without changing much about your lifestyle.

  1. 1. Do bigger loads of laundry.

    Sure, doing a few small loads a week might feel more productive, but by doing one or two big loads a week you’ll be doing the planet a big favor. Plus, this is a great excuse to put off doing your laundry a few extra days, and who doesn’t need that?

  2. 2. Eat less meat.

    The amount of water used to make your burger would shock you. And while yes, that burger is delicious, there’s a growing amount of meat alternatives like veggie burgers that are equally, if not more delicious. Not only can switching to a more plant-based diet help the planet, it can also improve your health. The WHO has even named processed meat a carcinogen *cough cough* just saying.

  3. 3. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle).

    We all know how important hydration is for our skin, digestion, brain function, the list goes on and on. To reduce waste from all those water bottles, switch to a reusable bottle. This switch won’t just help the environment but it can also help your wallet. You can do this with mugs and thermoses as well! As an extra incentive, lots of coffee shops give a discount to people who bring their own mugs!

  4. 4. Go outside to study.

    Instead of sitting in your room with all the lights on, sit outside and enjoy the fresh air while you cram for your physics final! Might as well have something pleasant going on while you curse yourself for choosing such a difficult major.

  5. 5. Stop online shopping for things you don’t need!

    This can be hard, especially for those of us that like to keep up with current trends, or like to wear a new outfit every weekend, but fashion is one of the most damaging industries to the environment. Instead of buying things you’ll probably never wear online, go to a thrift store and actually try some things on! Vintage is in ladies.

  6. 6. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

    This is an easy thing to do, and many stores offer reusable bags by the checkout for only a couple extra cents!

  7. 7. Wear more clothes inside in the winter.

    Instead of insisting on wearing shorts and a tank top and cranking up the heat when it’s snowing out, grab a big sweater and cuddle up with a warm cup of coffee. For extra warmth while reducing your energy consumption, opt for bringing over your SO, or hookup for a cuddle party. This way you’ll be saving them from wasting energy too!

  8. 8. Walk More Places and Take Public Transportation.

    On a college campus, this is an easy thing to do, especially in Charlotte! Instead of changing parking lots to go from one class to another (which is a hassle to begin with) try walking! This will be beneficial, not just the environment, but to your physical health. If you want to go somewhere off campus, like downtown Charlotte, take the Light Rail! This will save you money on gas and parking, and it’s fun!

  9. 9. Go to the farmer’s market.

    UNCC has a farmer’s market on campus every Tuesday. This helps local farmers, and reduces your impact on transportation emissions from big produce companies that sell their products at grocery stores. Farmer’s market goods are fresher, often cheaper, and have a smaller eco-footprint.

These small adjustments won’t just help the environment but can also improve your physical health and the state of your bank account! You don’t need to jump into it all at once, but every little bit helps. So, get out there, grab your reusable bottles, and start saving the world!